Proposed Logo Pilipinas I-Cafe Marketing Cooperative


5 responses to “Proposed Logo Pilipinas I-Cafe Marketing Cooperative

  1. i like the logo

  2. rodolfo g. albuera jr

    ok din for me, kalangan na lang insert yung tagline – “Service above profit”

  3. Thelma L. Salamat

    The Logo is remarkable and praise-worthy.
    The year 2010 has been a fruitful year for Pilipinas I-Cafe, not to mention its various worthy accomplishments in a brief span of time.
    Chairman, will it be okay to insert 2010 inside the Logo, so we may always be reminded in the future of the year the blessed coop was created.
    My suggested Tagline would be: The Country’s Leader in ICT Community Enpowerment

  4. thanks po mam Thelma will ask po sir jhun and i like the tag line tomorrow po i will circulate it

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