Sellers Set Their Goals

Pilipinas I-Cafe Consumer Cooperative

Sales Training Module Series

STM – 1 Series of 2010

Sellers Set Their Goals

“Give me a stock clerk that has a goal and I’ll show you an individual who will make history. Give me a salesperson without goals and I’ll show you a stock clerk.”
-Legendary entrepreneur, J.C. Penney

There is a common notion that a successful salesman is born and the talents that he has is already acquired at birth. That is why there are certain type of people that seems to be able to sell anything at the price that he commands almost to everybody. This might be true to some but for others it is their unique ability to set up a process in their mind and somehow follow it step by step unconsciously. Selling involves following a particular process. Processes are there to be followed in order to ensure a successful selling activity. One of the most common mistake of those who are engaging in selling for the first time is that they directly engage in selling without setting up their own process to manage their resources for a successful selling activity.

Most often enough I encounter people who are conducting a cold canvass. These are salesmen who goes around town from house to house talking to people, showing their wares and hopefully trying to make an honest buck. Surely this is not one of the best ways to engage in selling for the chances of success is relatively nil. They often go home tired, hungry and angry that they are not able make a profit that is commensurable to the efforts that they have exerted. There are some who just goes out a few hours a day and yet are able to be rewarded sometimes beyond what they have worked for.

Sellers Set their Goals – any selling activity involves a commitment of resources. For some sellers they might not need to have an investment in the inventory but they spend time and effort in order to make a sale. Goals must be set up in order to determine if these resources being used effectively. A seller must take time off, reflect and ask himself what are the things that he wants to achieve in relation to his selling activities. In knowing his goals he is able to set up actions and activities that he needs to do in order to achieve it.

Set your goals in concrete and measurable terms. One should not set up goals that are very vague and are not quantifiable like “Developing a good relationship with my customers.” In most cases goals are often expressed in financial terms since it is the direct result of any selling activities. Your goals are the map for your success. Examples of sales goals:

  1. I want to earn Php1,000,000 in new business and renewals in 2010.
  2. I am going to send out 10 proposals each day to new clients.
  3. I am going out to meet at least 15 new people each day.
  4. I am going to call at least 5 of my former customers to inquire if they need anymore items from me.

Set your goals so Big in order to make it achievable. Meek goals does not have a place in sales for timid people are not the ones who makes the successful sale.


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