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Know the Product that You are Selling

Sales Training Module Series

STM – 2 Series of 2010

Know the Product that You are Selling

Product knowledge is essential to all successful sellers. Before going to your prospect you must know the details of the product that you are selling so that if questions are raised you could easily answer them. Buyers could readily determine if you know what you are talking about and gets turned off easily when you are unable to answer questions that they need to make the final decision to buy. Continue reading


Sellers Set Their Goals

Pilipinas I-Cafe Consumer Cooperative

Sales Training Module Series

STM – 1 Series of 2010

Sellers Set Their Goals

“Give me a stock clerk that has a goal and I’ll show you an individual who will make history. Give me a salesperson without goals and I’ll show you a stock clerk.”
-Legendary entrepreneur, J.C. Penney

There is a common notion that a successful salesman is born and the talents that he has is already acquired at birth. That is why there are certain type of people that seems to be able to sell anything at the price that he commands almost to everybody. This might be true to some but for others it is their unique ability to set up a process in their mind and somehow follow it step by step unconsciously. Selling involves following a particular process. Processes are there to be followed in order to ensure a successful selling activity. One of the most common mistake of those who are engaging in selling for the first time is that they directly engage in selling without setting up their own process to manage their resources for a successful selling activity. Continue reading

Sellers Create Value to the Products That They Sell

Those who would engage in personal selling for the first time tend to equate their ability to sell the product as a function of its price. That is why in most of the sales training activities that I have participated or conducted I have noticed that the participants tend to look at the details of the product, its price and compare it with the prices of its direct competitors. Most of the questions being asked by the participants is how could they openly compete against a product that is priced much lower than the one they are being trained to sell. Continue reading

Is Maximizing Profit the Primary Objective of Any Business Organization?

In these last few days I found myself reading again my old text books on the fundamentals of management and marketing in order to prepare myself for the task ahead for the commercial operations of the Pilipinas I-Cafe Consumer Cooperative. You might be thinking that this is the guy who had handled this subject for a number of years, teaching these same principles to a bunch of high school and college students. I have also been engaged in business so I must have known these things by heart. But reading these books again made me wonder have I really learned my lesson. Continue reading