Mission, Vision, Values


We believe that the advancement and innovations brought about by Information Communication Technology will bring about social change and economic development to the various communities in the Philippines.  It is in this light that we would strive to develop an ICT enabled community whose members are empowered with the proper ICT knowledge and skills so that they could effectively engage in a globally competitive economy.


In our quest to develop an ICT enabled community we will strive to achieve the following:

1.       To be a leader in providing connectivity and social ICT infrastructure that could serve as a standard on the effective use of ICT resources at the community level.

2.      To provide trainings and accreditation programs to the community ICT practitioners that could lead to their professional growth and development.

3.      To formulate ICT business solutions and packages that will bring about the development of e-commerce and providing economic opportunities to people through ICT.


As we strive in the achievement of our goals, we are guided by our values that would serve as our guide:

1.      Leadership – the courage to take bold steps in shaping for a better future.

2.      Transparency – what we do we let other people know

3.      Collaboration – leverage collective genius

4.      Integrity – be real

5.      Accountability – we take responsibility for our actions and decisions

6.      Passion – committed in heart and mind

7.      Camaraderie – Friendship in business

8.      Professionalism – we follow the golden rule-do unto others what you want others to do unto you.


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